As I gaze upon the waters so blue,

I’m reminded of the love I have for you!

As the waves wash upon the shore, never ceasing

My love for you only deepens, ever increasing.


The bright sky above creates it’s own majesty of blue

It too reminds me of how much I love you!

As the sky gives way to night, there truly is no end in sight

I know my love for you, like the stars above, will always shine bright.


The land and the sea and all the beauty found in between

Hold such a beautiful vision for all eyes to see

In much the same way your beauty is incredible to see

But your greatest beauty, is that which is found within.


The days are passing by, time never stopping, barely a pause

But in all the days, weeks, months and years

There is one thing that’s always been true

This day and everyday, is the Love I have for you!!


A Word About Life

Life is a gift, A gift is our life

But to live a life, that is ours to do.

Our gift is to be shared, Our life shared with others

To encourage, to laugh, to cry, to celebrate, to mourn

Life is complex, glorious, fragile and all to fleeting.

As we move through time and space together, I ask

What of myself, or any of us, would be the greatest value

I could ever offer to another?

For others to know that I love them, that they truly know.

May be the greatest gift I have to offer.  – August 12, 2014



A new dawn breaks across the horizon,
As you wake to embrace the new day,
There is one who loves you and patiently awaits

It is His day that He has shared with you
A gift that is to be used to share with others
They await to see you love as He loved you! – July 23rd, 2014